What is ISOM

Our mission

ISOM is the only institute in Switzerland to offer a completely independent, impartial and individualised second opinion based upon internationally recognised guidelines.

ISOM retains a college of experts, composed of the most qualified physicians in Switzerland, each selected according to strict qualitative criteria (see the section on “our Specialists”).

ISOM focuses, at present, on orthopaedics and spine surgery. For each speciality (Shoulder, Knee, Spine etc.) the college has a number of experts.

ISOM obtains from the expert, for each individual case, a second opinion which will assist the patient in reaching a calm and pondered decision regarding the proposed operation.

To create the awareness that it is often advisable to explore all the valid conservative alternatives before agreeing to surgery.

To advance the understanding that a second opinion is not only crucial in the decision making process; it can also frequently result in a modified or different diagnosis with respect to the original one (31).

To offer patients the possibility of receiving a qualified independent and individualised second opinion in the field of orthopaedics and spine surgery.

To avoid non indicated, potentially damaging and hence unnecessary surgery.

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